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Chocolagendijk produces promotional chocolate products which are entirely tuned to the desires of our customers. Chocolagendijk uses all favourable and characteristic properties of chocolate and translates these into a custom made communication product. This is what we call chocolate-communication. This concerns business gifts, direct mails, mails regarding a change of address your logo in chocolate. Nearly everything is possible. Traditional craftsmanship, modern technology, a significant commercial comprehension and complete independence of external companies results into Chocolagendijk being able to support the customer starting from a draft concept to the final product. Our sales representatives will support you to get to the desired preliminary design. Starting from this design we create the mould, which leads up to the final product.

The 4 P's of chocolate
The first chocolate products were manufactured at the end of the sixteenth century. Chocolate rapidly developed into a status product and ultimate delicacy, which was preserved for the higher walks of life for a long time. Chocolate was also believed to have positive qualities. And as recent studies have shown, rightfully so. Chocolate has a positive influence on your health and can increase feelings of happiness especially in women. Supposedly even a broken heart benefits from a nice piece of chocolate. Although chocolate has become more of a common property, it still enjoys a sublime image.

Chocolagendijk has created the 4 P's for chocolate:

  • helps to Push on
  • Pokes up all sensory organs/senses
  • has Promotional values
  • has a Positive impact on heart and blood vessels

Achieve your communication objective with a startling product. Amaze your customers, business contacts or employees with a customised communication product by Chocolagendijk.